A dog is the only thing on earth that LOVES you more than himself


The Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines, Inc. (AKCUPI) was founded in March 30, 2008 by a group of dog fanciers whose goal was to form a dog registry that was sensitive to the needs of dog owners. Registered with the Philippines’ Security and Exchange Commission, Department of Trade & Industry and recognized by the Philippine government as a legitimate dog registry, the AKCUPI’s head office is located at 954 (new) 316 (old) Quezon Avenue (beside Meralco), Quezon City, Metro Manila. Having a dog club that is free of politics, where dog owners from all walks of life are welcomed and nobody is turned away because of other club affiliations, AKCUPI treats everybody with respect whether you are a single dog owner or a big time breeder, everyone is equally important. In just a short while, AKCUPI has earned the moniker as THE DOG CLUB THAT CARES ❤️. AKCUPI prides itself as being the only dog registry in the Philippines that does NOT register dogs without papers. We only accept purebred dogs with papers or certifications issued by a recognized dog organization. This puts us a cut above the rest so why settle for less?

“The bond with a true dog
is as lasting as the ties
of this earth will ever be.”
– Konrad Lorenz

Come and be a part of the

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This is why you'll love registering your dog with AKCUPI

Here are the benefits that come along with your membership with AKCUPI

Dog owners are NOT required  to pay fees. Gone are the days when you have to rush to meet the deadline for paying annual membership dues or face fines and even be suspended by failing to pay your fees. This will NEVER happen at AKCUPI. 

Not everyone has all the time in the world to spend attending to the paperwork of registering their litters, transferring of ownership, etc. Here at AKCUPI, we made it so you’re free to do these at your leisure without any additional charges.

As time is important to you and me, we at AKCUPI make sure your papers are processed within 5-7 working days from the date of receipt of your complete documents together with any fees that may be associated with your registration.

You don’t have to spend a lot to register your own pure-bred dogs. AKCUPI is committed in keeping fees down to the minimum to make it more affordable for everyone without sacrificing the quality of our service.

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Here at AKCUPI, we are committed to help dog owners in getting easy access to all essential resources and services that their dogs need. We are all in this for the love of dogs and there should be no walls or barriers separating people with common interests. Whether you are a single dog owner or a big kennel you are equally important to us. This is what AKCUPI is all about. “The Friendly Dog Club that Cares”. If you're like us and care about your dogs, register here at AKCUPI and we'll take care of your needs. Just follow our easy three step process and we'll get your registration done the right way.
We take registrations seriously here in AKCUPI so check out how we get you registered the fast and easy way


What do you need registered?

We aim to cater to all your registration needs whether you want to register a new dog or even your litter or maybe update a previous registration with AKCUPI.

Download Registration / Supplementary Forms

We've made it easier for you to download the forms needed for all your registrations. All forms are in PDF formats which you can print. Please fill out the details as needed.

Submit Registration Forms to AKCUPI

Once you've filled out the forms, all that's left is sending us the original documents through mail for our filing. Upon receipt, processing of the forms will take 3-5 days.

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